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Money Fundamentals

September 2023

Rares Bagyo shared invaluable insights into wealth management, budgeting strategies, and cultivating a growth mindset towards achieving financial goals.

Unlocking Wealth Secrets with Rares Bagyo

On September 21st 2023, 50 participants joined our latest workshop, this time on the topic of money fundamentals, an especially valuable topic, given the current economic environment.

The event was hosted at Matrikel1, where our guests had the opportunity to gain valuable insights about wealth management and budgeting on their way to reaching their financial goals🎯

Rares Bagyo, former investment banker & budgeting expert, shared his best tips on how to change the mindset towards reaching financial goals, building wealth while enjoying our money, and to invest more and save less.

What have the participants learned?

🔑Develop a growth mindset - an important factor when it comes to budgeting and directly connected to our goals, priorities, and discipline.

🔑Saving money is not enough - apart from maintaining a 3 months' worth of savings, it is also crucial to consider low-risk investments and to explore medium to higher-risk investments for long-term growth.

🔑Key questions to ask yourself: 
- Where am I stuck?
- What are my need to haves and my nice to haves?
- How should my life/wealth look like 3 years from now?

The informative session was followed by a dynamic Q&A and a networking session, where the participants could meet and chat with people that are on the same journey as them!

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