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Empowering Women, Shaping Futures

Femme Lead is fueled by a passionate team dedicated to championing women's empowerment and career success. Meet the faces behind our mission and learn more about our valued partners who help us make a difference.


Our Story

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A Journey from Inspiration to Empowerment

Founded in 2020 by the visionary leader Alexandra Ciobotaru, Femme Lead began as a groundbreaking podcast aimed at spotlighting women who were pioneers and role models in their communities. What started as a series of inspiring dialogues has blossomed into a robust, community-empowered organization with a profound mission: to empower women to build fulfilling careers and close the leadership gap.

Our Mission and Vision

At Femme Lead, our commitment extends beyond mere conversation. We are dedicated to actively shaping the future of female leadership. Our mission is to empower each member of our community with the tools, resources, and support needed to thrive in their professional lives. We envision a world where the leadership gap is closed, and where the next generation of women can look up to an abundance of diverse and powerful role models.

Expanding Our Reach

From its inception as a podcast, Femme Lead has evolved into a multifaceted platform offering consultancy services, event management, and subscription services tailored to support women's professional growth. Our initiatives are designed to provide practical tools and advice, helping women navigate the complexities of their career paths with confidence.

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Meet the Team

Meet the passionate visionaries behind Femme Lead, dedicated to fostering a world where women can aspire to and achieve new heights in their careers.

Alexandra Ciobotaru
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Founder & Team Leader

Alexandra Ciobotaru

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Social Media

Nurdamla Van Leeuwen

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Social Media

Ramona Anamaria Hategan

Adriana Lifa
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Adriana Lifa

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Weronika Matyjas

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Website & Digital

Areti Tsigkinopoulou

jurgita photo
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Jurgita Kvetkauskaite

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Zayana Pompaeva

andra photo
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Podcast Production

Andra Salculean

Our Partners

Collaboration Is the Key to Success

We are proud to collaborate with organizations that share our commitment to gender equality and professional growth. 

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