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Unlock your full leadership potential with Femme Lead

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Join our Community

Become a member of Femme Lead and enjoy exclusive benefits. Gain access to our online community, participate in coaching calls, and access our exclusive resources. Join us today and take your career to the next level.

You are striving to progress in your career, but you...

...are stuck in a rut?

Feel blocked by workplace biases and finding it tough to advance despite your skills and dedication?

...lack support?

Struggle to find mentors or peers who can guide and encourage you through the challenges unique to women in the workplace?

...doubt yourself?

Grappling with imposter syndrome, questioning if you're qualified or worthy of your success, and finding it hard to speak up for yourself?

Are overwhelmed by work-life balance?

Juggle demanding professional responsibilities with personal commitments, and wondering if there's a way to achieve both?

Find career transitions difficult?

Feel unsure how to navigate career changes, whether it's a new industry, starting a business, or returning to work after a break?

Need more visibility?

Doing great work but feeling your achievements go unnoticed, impacting your confidence and career progression?

Do any of these resonate with you? They resonate with us too.

By becoming a member you will:

Join a supportive community that understands your journey and provides valuable connections.

Gain access to mentorship and guidance from women who have been where you are and can help you move forward.

Receive practical strategies for work-life balance and transitioning careers, enabling you to thrive in all areas of your life.

Develop critical skills through tailored workshops and training that boost your professional and leadership capabilities.

Find a platform that advocates for equality, helping you address workplace challenges and seek the recognition you deserve.

Have your achievements celebrated and recognized, empowering you to shine with confidence.

Embrace your power, rise with resilience, and shine unapologetically. The world needs your brilliance, your voice, and your leadership.

Sneak peek inside the membership

Becoming a member of Femme Lead means more than just joining a community—it's an investment in your growth, network, and career success. Here's how Femme Lead membership can empower you:

Access to the Femme Lead Hub Community

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femme lead purple shape
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Engage with like-minded professionals in a private online space, fostering connections, discussions, and support within a vibrant community.

Networking Opportunities

Gain access to a diverse and inclusive network of women across industries and career stages. Through our events and online community, build meaningful connections, expand your professional circles, and gain valuable insights.

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Free Access to Monthly Coaching Calls

Participate in monthly coaching sessions led by our in-house coach and guest coaches. Gain actionable insights and advice to propel your career and your personal growth forward, all at no additional cost.

Access to all past coaching call recordings

Missed a session? No problem. As a member, you have unlimited access to our archive of past coaching calls, allowing you to learn and grow on your schedule.

Comprehensive Resource Vault

Femme Lead mock-up call

Gain access to the Femme Lead vault, and find resources that challenge you and support your development in key career competencies and leadership skills.

Curated Monthly Worksheets

Every month, receive thoughtfully crafted worksheets that provide actionable strategies and exercises, enabling you to hone your leadership skills and navigate your career with confidence.

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Femme Lead mock-up events

Exclusive discounts on Femme Lead merchandise and Physical Networking Events

Enjoy a 30% discount on all Femme Lead merchandise and significant savings on tickets to physical networking events in Denmark. Dress for success and connect with leaders and peers without the usual cost barrier.


Choose your plan

Get two months free when you purchase our annual plan!

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  • 89kr.
    Every month
    • Access to the Femme Lead Hub community
    • Free Access to Monthly Coaching Calls
    • Curated Monthly Worksheets
    • Access to all Past Coaching Call Recordings
    • Access to the Resource Vault
    • 30% Discount on Femme Lead Merchandise
    • 30% Discount on Physical Networking Events in Denmark

Ready to transform your professional journey?

Step into a community that nurtures, inspires, and propels women to their fullest potential. We can't wait to welcome you and start this journey together. Your future in leadership starts with Femme Lead.

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