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Share Your Expertise and Inspire Change

Join Femme Lead as a guest speaker to empower and uplift women in their professional journeys


If you are passionate about making a difference and eager to share your knowledge with a vibrant community, Femme Lead is the perfect stage. We welcome you to bring your unique perspectives and transformative ideas to our audience. Together, let's inspire change and empower a new wave of female leadership.


Why speak at Femme Lead?

At Femme Lead, we are dedicated to creating platforms that not only educate and inspire but also celebrate and amplify the voices of leaders across industries. Here are some compelling reasons to join us as a guest speaker:

  • Make a Real Impact: By speaking at our events, you have the unique opportunity to impact the lives and careers of women aspiring to grow and succeed. Share your insights, experiences, and strategies to help shape the next generation of female leaders.

  • Reach an Engaged Audience: Femme Lead has a community of enthusiastic professionals eager to learn and engage. Our events attract a diverse audience from various sectors, providing you with a platform to reach individuals who are not passive attendees but active participants in their professional development.

  • Enhance Your Visibility: Participating as a speaker at Femme Lead events increases your visibility and establishes you as a thought leader in your industry. Our events are well-publicized and attract media attention, offering you a chance to highlight your expertise on a respected platform.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with other leaders, influencers, and innovators who are equally passionate about empowerment and success. Our events serve as a meeting point for ideas and collaborations, offering you the chance to build relationships with peers across different fields.

  • Contribute to a Cause: At Femme Lead, our mission is to empower women to close the leadership gap. By joining us as a speaker, you contribute directly to this mission, supporting initiatives that foster an inclusive and equitable professional landscape.

  • Professional Growth: Speaking at our events not only allows you to share your knowledge but also to refine your public speaking and engagement strategies. It's an excellent opportunity for professional growth, allowing you to test new ideas in a supportive environment.

It was an absolute pleasure to join FemmeLead as a speaker at their Career Breakthrough conference. This event stood out as a beacon of inspiration and empowerment. Engaging with an audience so passionate about personal and career growth was truly energizing.

FemmeLead is fostering a community where diverse voices are heard and valued. The energy and enthusiasm of the participants made the conference more than just an event; it was a collective journey towards breaking barriers and envisioning new horizons in our careers.

Trustpilot, VP of Engineering

Let's Chat

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