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Career Progression with Christina Bizoumi

October 2022

Christina Bizoumi discusses the keys to career progression and empowerment, as Femme Lead's networking session ignites inspiration and mentorship in Copenhagen.

Illuminate Your Career Path: Insights from Christina Bizoumi at Femme Lead's Networking Session

Femme Lead hosted a new exciting event, a networking session in Copenhagen. 🔥 We discussed career progression with Christina Bizoumi, Director of Product Management for IKEA Marketing and Communications! 

On Tuesday, October 18th, 2022 starting at 18:00 Christina Bizoumi, Director of Product Management for IKEA Marketing and Communications, shared with us her advice on how to approach finding your next career step. Matrikel1 Cafe was our partner for this event.

More about Christina Bizoumi Christina is passionate about leading people and driving strategies to create meaningful digital experiences for the many. She is an energetic leader that uses her positive energy to bring people together, inspire change, and coach individuals to unlock their potential.

Christina has a growth mindset and is always looking to learn and develop. She is inspired by women that shape their own paths and wishes to engage more women to become leaders, shaping a more diverse & inclusive future. 

Christina has recently transitioned into a product leadership role, spearheading the development of impactful digital content for all IKEA channels. In her role today she is defining and driving product strategy across several teams and leading Product Managers, with the purpose to drive business growth and create an environment where people can learn and grow. 

Christina spent the past half year reflecting on her journey and planning her next step.

She really valued the mentoring and support she received during that process and wanted to share some of the best insights she gained with the Femme Lead community, to help other women create their paths.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at this inspiring event! 🙏

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