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Your mental wellbeing, a necessity not a privilege.

Taking care of our mind is no longer a topic left out of the daily discussion. It is not a one-time retreat or a vacation to a sunny place.

Our wellbeing is at the core of how we work and we drive our everyday. Stress, anxiety, burnouts are risks that might come with every workplace, therefore it is important we place mental health at a high priority level.

It should never be about reaction, yet about prevention.

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, is that we need to ask for help and be open when our wellbeing is at risk. Let me correct myself, it should be our top priority. Discussing our mental wellbeing is slowly becoming a regular topic, both privately, but most importantly at work.

Remote work has challenged our professional setting and routines so we need to make room for improving our mental health, rather than neglecting it.

In our interview with Lisette de Jonge, mental wellbeing is at the center of the discussion, from talking about her great impact at IKEA to her personal journey. Working on improving our wellbeing starts with us and it is important we take the right steps towards it.

Here are Lisette’s tips on improving our wellbeing:

A. Talk openly about your challenges and ask for help.

Have conversations with your colleagues and especially your manager about how you can work efficiently and beneficiary towards your mental wellbeing.

Be open towards admitting you are overwhelmed and need time off.

Work with consciousness and take those breaks during the day!

B. Listen to/use the available resources to get help on some of the challenges you face.

Some of Lisette's favorites:

C. Exercise to improve your physical health.

We know that this pandemic has taken us off our regular exercise routine, but let's admit it: we all have a favorite outdoor/indoor activity.

Make it a priority! Set time in your calendar for exercise and most importantly do it with joy.

D. Be compassionate to yourself.

Not every day, we feel our best self. It is essential we take care of ourselves in those difficult moments and appreciate how far we have come.

Life has proven the past year to be so unpredictable, that now, more than ever, kindness is crucial.

You are your first priority!

See you next time 💎

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