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Your career, your marathon of choices.

Ever since we are little, we get asked quite frequently: What do you want to become when you grow up? We are invited to choose a potential path and try our best to reach it.

However, once we reach the adult phase of our identity, we discover that what we planned might not align with our initial thoughts. Life comes to play!

In the interview with Anja Monrad, we dived in the dos and don*ts of planning and executing the career we strive for. Let’s kick it off with a couple of valuable takeaways:

1.What works for someone doesn’t necessarily work for you too.

We have been surrounded by comparison and validation based on what others accomplish. We tend to negate our accomplishments because we don’t do it the same way as our friends/close ones.

How many times you looked at that person and said: I wish I would have their role.

We all have been through this phase and it proves once again how unique we are. We cannot expect to have the same career journey as someone else, because we encounter both good and difficult moments very differently. Life just takes different forms for each of us.

2. Don’t hold yourself back.

If you are in your 20’s or the start of your 30’s and feel overwhelmed you have not done enough, pause for a second.

There is no deadline on your potential! Trust yourself and your own opinions. Time is limited and you should follow your intuition to pursue what brings you the most joy.

3. Work-life balance, cliche, yet more relevant than ever.

These past months have shown how we need to allocate quality time for ourselves. Hustle mentality encourages burnout, therefore we need to navigate our career with a sustainable mindset.

Finding the place and people to do activities that increase our energy is crucial. Whether is outdoor exercise or simply a cosy relaxing evening indoors, prioritizing ourselves helps us achieve a healthy balance with our professional endeavours.

4. Find sponsors in your career.

Last but not least, as Anja highlighted, it is very important to find those colleagues/mentors who will help you advance in your career. The ones who will promote you to the relevant stakeholders.

It all comes down to networking our way through our career. Understand and accept feedback from the ones who can encourage you to pursue greatness.

Remember, your career will never be a one-time sprint.

It is a marathon of choices, your choices.

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