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Welcome to Season 4 starring Mia Wagner

Spring is ahead of us in full sunny swing, and so are we with a brand new season!

We kick off Season 4 with a special guest to Femme Lead, Mia Wagner, an inspirational and empowering figure in the Danish entrepreneurial scene. She is making a tremendous difference for women in their entrepreneurial journey, and we are super excited to present you with our takeaways from the interview.

What are our talents? What difference can we make in the world?

These are two valuable questions Mia proposes we ask ourselves when starting an entrepreneurial journey. Furthermore, she highlights how important it is to work and collaborate with people you trust, considering how intense the process could be.

In terms of important advice starting up, Mia brought up the following:

  1. Get to act. Do not wait for something big to happen. Start somewhere and keep improving.

  2. Small steps get you closer to your dreams.

  3. We do not need to know everything before we succeed with our idea.

  4. Try new things and stop being safe. The good things come outside our comfort zone.

Mia Wagner started Nordic Female Founders together with her business partner, Anne Stampe Olesen, with the vision of helping and empowering more female entrepreneurs to succeed.

When asked what surprised her the most about her work now, she replied: the sense of loneliness of the founders. Female founders are not well represented on the Danish market or abroad. There is a need for more equality on this front, and both men and women have to be open to embracing this better way for entrepreneurship.

Coming as no surprise, Mia is also a very well-established investor and part of the Danish version of the TV show Dragon’s Den. She listens to hundreds of pitches from entrepreneurs craving an investment, and she brought some valuable points on how to win over an investor:

Think about who your audience is. What are they like, what are their interests?
How does our pitch sound? Does our idea resonate well with the audience?
Keep it short and straight to the point.

Lastly, having worked in Freeway with different roles, Mia accumulated valuable experience in making an impact on a company, and she was kind to share some of her takeaways.

You have to learn the rules of the game to bring change. Society was created on different ideals, where men were at the forefront, and the rules had to be understood to bring more women to a boardroom. Now we must act to challenge these rules while still playing the game.

We have to bring more awareness as part of a culture where there is room for change. However, we always need to remember to have room to do things we love and enjoy.

Best piece of advice: Keep being yourself!
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