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Unleashing the Power of Courage and Authenticity at HerCareer Expo 2023

We had the privilege to attend the HerCareer Expo in Munich, held on October 12-13, 2023. The event offered us a space to encourage bold action, authenticity, and innovation. As proud partners of this enlightening event, we're thrilled to share the key takeaways that left us motivated and inspired.

Cultivate courage and authenticity

From the interesting presentations, we had the pleasure to attend, we discovered that courage and authenticity are more than just values. They are catalysts for change and personal growth. Embracing your true self and taking determined steps can lead to significant success. Staying true to your unique self can set you apart and open your path to achievement.

Intrapreneurship vs. Entrepreneurship

The expo introduced us to two intriguing concepts: intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship. Intrapreneurship is about thinking and acting like an entrepreneur within an organization, fostering innovation and initiative among employees. Companies that embrace this mindset are clearly set for growth and positive change. It's a reminder that innovation can thrive within the confines of corporate structures.

Psychological safety

A remarkable discussion between Stefanie Hornung, journalist and author, and Cordula Pflaum, Lufthansa flight captain and trainer, emphasized the significance of psychological safety in the workplace. Open communication, trust, and the freedom to learn from mistakes are essential elements of creating efficient, thriving environments. As Ms. Pflaum pointed out, this not only enhances the workplace but also contributes to empowering women in traditionally male-dominated fields like aviation.

The power of language

HerCareer shed light on the pivotal role of language in driving change. It all starts with language. Words have the power to shape ideas and inspire action. Sometimes, forging new words and concepts is necessary to challenge the status quo and initiate transformative shifts.

Women in engineering

The conversations with representatives from Airbus and Deutsche Bahn revealed a persistent challenge: the underrepresentation of women in engineering roles. This issue begins in schools, where young women must be made aware of the opportunities in these fields. Encouraging women to explore careers in engineering is not only a vital mission but also a means to fuel innovation and inclusivity.

Further food for thought

  • Reinvention and continuous improvement: In today's fast-paced world, reinventing ourselves and continually enhancing our skills are imperative.

  • Setting clear objectives: Knowing your goals and setting clear objectives is essential for personal development, but it's equally vital to find a balance between being goal-oriented and adaptable.

  • Taking action: Inspiration and ideas are like a spark, but timing and decisive action are the driving forces that transform dreams into reality.

  • The power of networking: Building a strong network is invaluable, regardless of your career stage. It can facilitate personal and professional growth, making it a powerful asset.

  • Embracing aging: Aging brings experience, wisdom, and the potential for greater contributions to society. It is a privilege we should embrace wholeheartedly.

We left the HerCareer Expo with rekindled motivation, a renewed sense of purpose, and inspiration. These insights are not just empty words. They can be regarded as reference points on the road to personal growth and having a positive impact on the world.

As we continue on our journeys, let's remember these lessons and most of all, put them into practice. After all, any one of us can positively leave a mark on the world.

By Georgiana Arsinel

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