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The imposter experience

What should we do when we feel like we don't belong? How can we find the inner power to appreciate our work, to feel like we contribute?

Such questions and many more we ask ourselves every day. We are not born experts, and we all have to learn new things.

However, we struggle with the inability to internalize our success—the so-called imposter syndrome.

In our episode with Joy, we discuss the imposter syndrome and work with it to grow in our career and personal life.

Firstly, let us call it differently, as syndrome could give a wrong connotation at first. Syndrome denotes some kind of inability, so let's instead call it the imposter experience/phenomenon.

We have to understand that this is not something that sticks with us. We can and should move on from it.

The feeling of not being good enough comes under challenging times to lower our self-esteem and value. Nevertheless, it is up to us to place our worth above the voices in our heads that tell us otherwise.

We must truly understand the experience we are going through and work with it rather than against it because the imposter feeling brings out fear and discomfort.

Nevertheless, good things always come when we step out of comfort. Empathy to ourselves and the scared person inside us allows us to be more powerful and turn the fear into something even better.

Joy recommends a couple of things to consider when working with reducing the imposter experience.

1. Recognising the voices who try to sabotage us and try to quiet them down.

Meditation is a constructive way to give our minds the peace to work with those voices. 5 min a day can make a tremendous impact on our mental health.

Secondly, looking at these voices with extreme empathy and not running away from the discomfort is critical in building up that confident self we strive so much after.

2. Finding someone who can help you understand your emotional intelligence.

Whether a therapist or a coach, having that person guide us in our journey with the appropriate tools is crucial in redefining who we are and building upon it.

Do I belong where I am right now?

Yes, you always will. Make sure you know you deserve to be there.

See you next time!

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