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Redefining success

Ever since we are little, we have acquired a definition of success, where titles and income are at the forefront. However, this doesn't apply to everyone, and it no longer serves a purpose.

Success is different for each one of us. So different that we should not even compare two people having the same career, for example.

Understanding what true success is is not a walk in the park. It definitely wasn't for our guest Mashal, who generously talked to us about her entrepreneurship career.

We need to reflect on who we are and what truly brings us the happiness and success we crave for so long. It's all about the freedom you get.

Bizarre right? However, there is a super important point behind it. Having that honest conversation with ourselves, we break down into more minor thoughts our existence and realize we want the freedom to become better, explore new things, and see new places.

Definitely, a definition of success that doesn't fall within the business books we all have been recommended.

Success cannot come from being alone. We need people around us to support our vision and bring even the knowledge we lack to achieve our goals.

This extensive process can take a toll on our mental health. Success should never come at the sacrifice of our well-being.

Doing the required inner work to understand why we react in certain uncomfortable situations and become better is crucial. Let's not forget about gratitude. Achieving and enjoying that success has to come from a humble place.

Lastly, take the chance on yourself. Challenge what you know and be patient. What is yours will always be reserved for you!

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