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Our mindset, a journey of learning and curiosity

Every life experience brings value to who we are.

Whether it’s traveling, starting a new job, or attending an event, we get introduced to different opportunities each time.

It’s only a matter of taking advantage of those opportunities and continuously learning about ourselves.

In our episode with Poornima Luthra, we discussed the crucial importance of our mindset.

One might ask: what does it mean to change our mindset? What is the recipe for thriving within a new path?

According to Poornima, life is not linear when it comes to career projections. What we learned in our business degree can be extremely useful in a completely different career setting.

We have to see our life as a journey of learning and curiosity.

Difficult moments will always arise. Nevertheless, we have to see them as opportunities for growth.

Both women and men sometimes shy away from taking risks and allowing themselves to fail. Society has somehow ingrained in us that we need to strive for perfection to become successful.

However, we have to take those feared risks for our mindset to shift.

We have to ask ourselves those difficult questions: What are my fears, and what/who is stopping me from trying new things?

Of course, there are several issues that we come across our societies:

  • The condition to believe we are less than someone.

  • Or that we don’t deserve to be in a respective place, speak up our opinions.

In all honesty, these issues need to be addressed. Yet, it all starts with us.

Maybe instead of always running for the next opportunity, we sit down and connect with what truly makes us happy.

That is what changing your mindset brings.

A deeper connection with what we are truly meant to do.

Check out here our interview with Poornima.

See you next time!

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