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Cardiologist Dr. Madalina Petrescu: 'On living from the heart'.

Madalina Petrescu, Medical Director, Echocardiography at the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, Washington, USA was the 5th guest of Femme Lead on season 1. Madalina kindly shared her time on a late-summer morning to record a discussion before starting her shift at the hospital.

In our conversation, we touched upon the heart, how we keep ourselves away from heart diseases, but most importantly, how we live aligned with our heart.

While the topic itself is of interest to many who might want to understand the depths of the human body, one important thought to start off with is that stress does impact the health of your heart and it does create a weaker link with the rest of your system. That being said, the more stress we put on ourselves, without pausing, the more we will feel the effects.

Madalina Petrescu is an established cardiologist in the US, and her story of listening to her heart and practicing a good discipline for the wellbeing of her heart and body started after going through her own medical struggles.

In this episode, we discuss her career path, her inspiration to become a medical practitioner, and the life-changing event that made her look within, rather than outside for answers. Listeners have shared that her pieces of advice are really inspiring, especially coming from a doctor who specializes in cardiology and has many years of experience in practicing Western medicine. The advice shared does not contradict in any way Western medicine, it only adds to the practices we can all follow to take care of our health so it complements our lifestyle and helps maintain a level of clarity on what exactly impacts the reactions of our body to become stressed and eventually sick.

Listen to the full interview:

What I do with each patient is I try to plant the seed about “let’s have you take a look at your life” because usually, any type of physical disease or unease is a signal from the body.
It’s a signal sounding the alarm, the body saying, look at me, look inside, I need you to put attention. Most of the time people are running around, rushing, and are not taking the time to look within themselves, take the time.
In the way that I approach patients, I always bring out that so many of the diseases are related to stress and lifestyle.
I bring a lot of attention and I inspire and recommend people books and practices like meditation, going in nature, journaling, processing your emotions, taking time for self, taking time for reflection, slowing down, and pausing. Don’t run so quickly in life.
In healing, there is a lot that a person can do, the inner healer needs to be activated. Otherwise, we are just putting on a bunch of bandaids. I try to do this with every patient, admittedly is challenging because you have small amounts of time.

Madalina has always been attracted to the space of the heart and the healing arts, becoming a cardiologist in 2004. She currently works at Swedish Medical Center, in Seattle Washington. She holds leadership positions in advanced imaging of the heart and has served as faculty at national conferences on cardiovascular topics.

Her own personal challenges led her on a life journey into the heart, awakening her to the deeper meaning of conscious living and to what true healing means. She is also a Certified Consciousness Parenting Coach and an international best selling author. She is a certified practitioner and facilitator of heart-opening modalities such as Reconnective Healing, and Kundalini Activation Process.

Madalina shares her authentic life journey, how she came into her profession as a cardiologist, the walls she hit against, and how she discovered that her greatest challenges turned out to be the greatest gifts that led her on the path into her own heart connection, truth, and wisdom.

In the process, she shares the pearls of how it is possible to show up to the world and serve others by first honoring oneself so she can serve from a full and overflowing heart. She is married to Cris and together they have two beautiful daughters. She loves connecting with nature through outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping, and much more. She also loves to travel, explore cultures, and engage in spiritual practices and heart-centered healing modalities.

Madalina co-authored 3 books that became international best sellers:

1) Ignite your Female Leadership. Thirty-five outstanding stories by women who are inspiring the world through feminine leadership.

2) Ignite your Parenting. Real-life, heartfelt stories to help parents find balance and joy in raising happy children.

3) Ignite Love. Real-life stories of defining love and manifesting more of it in your everyday life.

Resources recommended by Madalina:

  1. Louise Hay "You Can Heal your life"

  2. Wayne Dyer

  3. Michael Singer "Untethered Soul"

  4. Eckart Tolle "The Power of Now"

  5. Paulo Coelho "The Alchemist"

  6. The Tao Te Ching, also known as Lao Tzu

Find the full episode with Madalina on all streaming platforms or check:

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