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New year, same you: build a healthier system

The beginning of the year always comes with a series of responsibilities. Whether we want to drop some weight, change our job, or start everything on a fresh note, we all try to set some goals for ourselves.

Goals, which may or may not stick with us for the upcoming months.

Yet, at Femme lead, we believe in building a healthy system where we can attain smaller wins and keep a reasonable living pattern.

If you are following any social platform, you are bombarded with advertisements on becoming better, striving for more once the new year arrives.

Nevertheless, one question comes back to our mind: What about now? What about keeping doing the good things we already established before?

For example, let’s take the well-known: Going to the gym from January resolution. It sets a problematic goal in our mind, which we want to accomplish fast and, of course, see the results as soon as possible.

Such endeavors come with greater downsides. We start with the belief that where we are right now is bad and that everything we have done so far must be scrapped and start fresh.

What if, instead, you circle back to the core of our desire to change our lifestyle? Let’s try to ask ourselves what is missing in our current every day that makes us want to change our routine drastically.

Significant change comes from a place of gratitude. We have to first reflect on where we are right now and where we would like to be in the future.

Like the classical new year resolution of handling better our finances, a rough subject, we know.

Transforming entirely how we manage and spend our money is a rollercoaster of a journey. So, establishing a system that will get us closer to our dream setting is the only way to go.

What are some of the unhealthy spendings you currently make? How could these be replaced?

It’s not always about earning more, yet about managing the income smarter. That is why we should learn new skills with everything we set up to accomplish to sustain everything in the longer run.

We also want to emphasize changing our way of living requires monitoring our progress. Results do not come right away, and there are up and down curves along the way.

In a society of fast internet and quick deliveries, we also expect the same for our habits. However, when we feel like stagnating, we have to pick up the pace and keep building that healthy routine we strive after.

The beauty of focusing on maintaining a healthy system is never done. We keep working on it even in the further years to come, acknowledging our progress and expressing gratitude for the process.

Having to still go through an uncertain pandemic year, let’s figure out a better system to live in and plan accordingly.

Sending you all the best wishes for 2022, and thank you again for your constant support.

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