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Make “you” the focus!

Personal development has become the forefront topic in all major social platforms and not to mention the podcast world.

From its beginnings, Femme Lead Podcast has strived to empower its listeners to strive for a better version of themselves and identify with the insightful stories from our guests.

The work continues, and we are so excited for a new chapter, a new season, with even more intriguing career and personal advice.

Here are some of the great topics you will find in Season 3:

1. Confidence and trust in oneself

Developing yourself starts within, and no surprise, it requires confidence and trust to grow.

This season, we will discover how to find the necessary confidence to go for the roles we genuinely desire, reflect on what stops us from being more confident, and what tools we need to help us grow our awareness.

Nevertheless, confidence comes hand in hand with trust. Every day, we face several uncertainties, yet one thing should remain certain: we trust ourselves to move forward, being a better version than before.

2. Boundaries and learning to say “no”

Growth comes with many choices. Some of which will not be ideal.

How can we develop those healthy boundaries, so that it becomes comfortable and evident to stand for our values and say “no” when things don’t feel right?

This question, and many more, will be answered by our amazing guests, and trust us, the learnings are worth bringing your pen and paper to the table.

Not to forget, when we talk about this topic, several things are holding us back from building healthy boundaries, and we must uncover this discussion to reflect on previous choices and how to make them better.

3. Navigating your career and pursuing what you love

We, of course, could not forget the career topic and how important it is to strive for your passions.

This season is no different, and we are so proud to keep bringing influential guests with great stories to show us how many options we have with our careers when we stick to what we are truly passionate about.

Advice about starting up, challenges, and reflections on career choices - we got you covered. So stay tuned for our Season 3 release.

We are only getting started!

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