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Live Q&A Session #4 Space Science & Storytelling with Dr. Ghina M. Halabi.

  • How will the scientific field develop in light of the pandemic?

  • How do you encourage people to look at news regarding events such as a pandemic?

  • Is there any reflection you’ve had in light of the last few months? This pandemic shifted the way we work and interact. How do you feel we are changed after this episode in the human mind?

These are some of the questions answered by Space Scientist, Dr. Ghina M. Halabi in the live Q&A session streamed via Facebook Live in November 2020.

You can stream the interview below:

In all of her discourse, Dr. Ghina M. Halabi encourages listeners to fact-check their findings, look at official, reliable sources for information of any kind, and go through a logical interpretation of events that is based on evidence.

Moreover, in the live Q&A session, Ghina shares insights into how women can share their stories through She Speaks Science, the international platform aimed at young girls to promote STEM subjects and careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

See the full interview on Youtube:

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