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Live Q&A Session #3 Cardiologist, Dr. Madalina Petrescu, on 'Living a heart-centered life'.

The hardest moments were actually my greatest teachers. So pay attention to them They’re telling you: get ready to learn something right now. - Dr. Madalina Petrescu

In the live Q&A session hosted on the Femme Lead Facebook page, Madalina answers questions on preventing heart diseases, taking care of oneself while feeling under stress from various factors, and more details on how, as a medical practitioner, has the team at the Swedish Medical Center organized themselves to serve the patients while facing a pandemic.

Stream to the full interview:

We discuss the importance of the morning routine, meditation & more practices to reduce stress, the lines between the spiritual speech in a scientific setup, and more on the medical system in the USA, how did the doctors from the Swedish Medical Center organize their work to meet patients during a pandemic and more on the subject of living fully from the heart.

Watch the full interview originally streamed via Facebook Live below:

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