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Live Q&A Session #1 Design Thinking and Innovation with Brittany Arthur

The incredible Brittany Arthur joined the first Femme Lead live session with a Q&A setup focused on design thinking and career development. I absolutely enjoyed the session, the advice, and the details of the design thinking processes in practice.

You can watch the full Q&A session below:

03:20 How to use design thinking to help your innovation efforts?

05:50 What is the process to follow for implementing design thinking?

08:50 What is the best setup for companies who can't hire innovation consultants?

14:00 What are some tips for building your own consulting practice or business?

18:30 What are the most important aspects to succeed in building your business?

23:30 How to open a business in a foreign country and deal with cultural differences?

29:11 What are other pieces of advice around building a business abroad?

33:05 What are the most important skills for someone who considers developing a career in consulting?

37:00 How can we develop a business in COVID-19 times and how hard it is to succeed?

39:30 What are the 3 main points that played a key role in Brittany's career development?

Review Brittany's interview for Femme Lead Podcast, ep.2:

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