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Learn to sit with your discomfort!

What an honor to have Antesa Jensen come back for another episode!

And let us tell you that it was all worth it.

During our conversation with Antesa, we covered many crucial topics for our current times, and below you will find a quick recap of what not to miss.

During this time of being constantly online, connected to our devices, we tend to focus our energy on things that don’t serve us. We crave more and more the activities that excite us, give us that adrenaline rush rather than calm us down and ground us.

We are all born with unique gifts, and it is essential we shift our attention to our true calling. However, such a journey doesn’t come at no cost.

We have to learn how to sit with our own discomfort. As Antesa beautifully emphasizes, we get our teachings from the places where we might struggle the most.

Some of her key tips included:

  • Practice being curious about people who think differently than you.

  • Become more and more open to hearing and accepting opinions that you might not want to hear.

Adversity is essentially the key to our transformation.

Nevertheless, we have to stay humble. When we put ourselves in situations where the answers are not reachable at first, there is where we find the solution to our true progress.

Most importantly, use your energy to find helpful ways to cope with these uncertain times.

We all have potential, and we have to honor and respect it.

Check out our interview here to hear more about our amazing talk with Antesa.

See you next time!

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