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Emotional Intelligence: 'Take the time to know who you are' with Antesa Jensen.

Antesa's story has touched many Femme Lead listeners. Her authenticity goes beyond words and she has a genuine way of letting you know that all changes start with you. In our conversation, Antesa touched upon many aspects of one's development, from knowing their strengths to recognizing their weaknesses and now dwelling in the past, but rather look straight up and pwn up to it and share how, with all your current skills and gifts, you can help an environment.

It all boils down to 'taking the time to know who you are.'

So, who are you?

How to find your path? How to understand what is in store for you by listening within? A tough question, it appears. However, with the right advice, you can find a way to unlock your potential and have a fulfilling career.

This episode focuses on emotional intelligence with the incredible Antesa Jensen. She founded Adventure Awake, a company focused on human-centric innovation through transformational experiences. She helps people take something that exists within us, empathy, and use it to fulfill one's path. Antesa Jensen is an expert that sees the ability to communicate on behalf of your emotional experiences as an opportunity to sense the room, feel what is needed at the moment, and take action on that.

Can anybody sense the room? Yes. As Antesa says, emotional intelligence is a skill that can be broken down in a way people can understand. Still, we are not aware of it as it is not taught or prioritizes in society and education: “It is a scientific fact that we are receiving that information, but we might not be cognitively recognizing it.”

For the next 40 minutes, you will be taken on a journey of discovery. Take the time to look within and hear what you are supposed to focus on in order to reach your potential and live the life you really want. 

This episode will be a reflection for some of you. 

I hope you listen deeply to the pieces of advice Antesa shares and use them as a starting point for rethinking some of the reasons why you are doing what you are doing.

Remember, "you have the right to change your mind.


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