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Diversity and inclusion, the only way forward?

How can more women accede to the world of tech?

What are some of the barriers we face in tech?

What is the future of tech in terms of representation?

These are some of the questions we got answers for during our incredible conversation with Anne-Sofie, VP of Software Development at Workday.

With an impressive career in technology, Anne-Sophie reveals some of the crucial things to consider when trying to make a work environment more diverse and inclusive.

Companies need to embrace inclusivity, understand its benefits and implement real change. This change has to come indeed from the top level with first, acknowledging that there is work to do.

This is not about hiring someone, to make it look good on paper and show the company is being inclusive. Instead, all employees need to be on board with such a major transformation.

Talent comes in different forms. It is time to explore even more what makes us different and hire for the better.

Anne-Sophie also came through with valuable advice for recent graduates who are trying to bring their talent to the game.

  1. Find a good team to start with.

    1. Having a support system which can help and challenge you in your professional development is crucial.

  2. Take on challenges that stretch your abilities.

    1. Find those tasks that seem unattainable and seek discomfort. That is the way to growth.

  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

    1. You want to prove you are worth it of the role, however, becoming comfortable with asking for help can take you even further.

Nevertheless, have someone around you who can cheer you up. Someone also, who can advise you and mentor you.

In the end, if you want to want to bring change, reflect on what is not working, seek the support and stay consistent.

See you next time!

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