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Create your own career and fill in the spot

They used to say that you have to choose your career from a selected few options.

Like being a doctor, an engineer, or a lawyer.

What if, instead, you create the career that suits you best and fill in the spot?

Our guest Diana took us through her journey of self-discovery, career change, and the tremendous impact she is bringing in her current role.

Realizing there are other opportunities for you out there, which you can attain using the great skills you have acquired, is a game-changer.

However, in order to build a career we truly love, we need to focus on objectives.

Diana explains that she had to reset her objectives and find alternatives, which allowed her to succeed in the long run. Changing her objectives and adapting to her context was the way to go.

1. What motivates you? What makes you happy?

Use the context you are into your advantage and build your own. Expect things to change and embrace the journey.

2. Try to enjoy the small achievements along the way. The final result is not what matters in the end.

It's also essential you surround yourself with the people who encourage and empower you to become that better version of yourself. People, who can be there to shed light on the moments, when you feel like things are working the best way, are essential in your journey.

3. Spend quality time with yourself.

The same way you schedule work meetings, events, and so on, the same should work for the valuable and crucial time you allocate to your needs. Visualize your life, imagine how you could make it even better, practice gratitude, and be kinder to yourself.

Put the light where you want it to grow, and you will achieve the career of your dreams.

See you next time!

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