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Boundaries, a relevant and personal conversation

In today’s world, filled with uncertain times and constant changes, it is crucial to bring more alignment between who we are and who we say we are.

In our episode with Sigrid Tasies, we discuss a very special topic: Boundaries. They are necessary to ensure our needs, desires, and values are met at all points.

We need to find a manner to construct boundaries that are sustainable and healthy for us.

There is however fear of being seen as unfriendly or even rude when the topic of boundaries is discussed.

Nevertheless, we got you covered as you might ask how to even start figuring out what our boundaries are?

Boundaries come from a space of self-love and honoring our presence, time and effort we put in every day.

What is really important to you? We all have certain things that we value, appreciate, and prefer to be respected.

Write them down.

What would it take and what boundaries do we need to set to have others respect them too?

It is also important we remember that boundaries require practice and habit building.

What should we remind ourselves?

1. That empowering to speak our truth and putting ourselves first might be difficult at first.

2. There also might be fear and it’s normal when drawing boundaries, as it could bring discomfort.

3. Lastly, we should remember to be kind and stick to what feels true to our hearts.

Check out our interview where we explore the topic of boundaries here.

See you next time!

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