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A future for everyone!

Some say the technology is the future, so it's fair that everyone, no matter gender or race should have access to access it.

We were so happy to have chatted with Dora Palfi, a successful entrepreneur who is challenging the present by bringing tech closer to teens, and girls who want to learn how to code.

ImagiLabs is a multi-faceted solution, where users can learn coding trough an interactive app and also there are educational resources, which can be used in classrooms across the world.

In our conversation, we touched upon several topics, which we are excited to present to you today:

  1. The decision to become an entrepreneur

While working on her idea during study times, the impact bringing to the community was raising. Therefore, it felt natural to take a step further and launch ImagiLabs officially. Of course, it was a gradual process, attaining to more challenges and learnings as they came. Once clients started to ask to purchase the product, Dora realized it was going on the right track.

2. Confidence in entrepreneurship

It's all about facing challenges with an open perspective. Women can tend to be more realistic, taking into account all aspects of an issue before proposing solutions and that feature should be used as highly competitive advantage. Confidence comes with learning and learning comes sometimes from failure.

3. Creating a working team

It's crucial to be surrounded by people who can develop your idea. You are not good at everything and acknowledging where you need help, will take the business far. Aim for complimentary skills and be aligned with your teammates, especially if they are your co-founders.

4. Mental health in entrepreneurship

Like with all endeavors, entrepreneurship comes with a cost: stress and worry for the next thing. Therefore, it is essential as an entrepreneur to prioritize their mental health. Finding more about the type of person you are and have hobbies outside work, it will bring relief from the daily business.

Finally, we all have the opportunity to make a difference and bring change to an equal world!

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